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2012 Latest big Catfish

Caught by 20yo Alois Marcelaud from the "The carp Gang Perigord"

Mill Pond


With regards to the local fishing, we are situated on the river Seignal which, as you will see from the picture on our website, has been widened to form a mill pond which is a meter or so deep which contains; mirror carp, catfish, perch and something similar to roach. There are many local lakes and ponds in the area which are stocked with a variety of species, including some big carp and trout, and we are only 5 minutes from the Dordogne river with 33 types of fish, where fishermen are the only rare species around.
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Mill Pond
Mill Pond 2

June 2008

The Dordogne River
Image 1

We are just 5km from the river Dordogne.

The Dordogne River shelters more than 30 species of aquatic plants, as well as the river bank vegetation- 320 species of aquatic invertebrates and a population of fish (33 species) and especially 8 species of migratory fish.

The Gironde and therefore perhaps the Dordogne River are the last European strongholds of wild sturgeon. The great Shad, the ’fake’ Shad, Salmon, Sea trout, Eel, Sea Lamprey and fluviatile Lamprey also swim back up the length of the Gironde.

In the valley you can see an enormous quantity of birds of prey, otters, and a wealth of wild fauna.

Fishing Seasons on the River Dordogne

Please note that fishing seasons change slightly every year. You can fish from half an hour before to sunrise to half an hour after sunset. In practical terms, for most of June, July, August and September it will be best to fish from the late afternoon onwards.

  • Grayling: The grayling season is from 13th March to 21st November inclusive.
  • Pike: The Pike season is from the 3rd Saturday in April to the last Sunday in January. Pike under 50cms are to be returned to the river.
  • Salmon: Salmon fishing is not allowed on the Dordogne.
  • Sea Trout: Sea Trout fishing is not allowed on the Dordogne
  • Shad: From mid May to Mid June.
  • Trout: The season opens on the 2nd Saturday of March and closes on the 3rd Sunday of September. Fish under 25 cms must be returned to the water alive. You have the right to take 6 fish per person per day but fish stocks of the wild fish are unsustainable at this level so a policy of no kill is encouraged and appreciated.
  • Zander: The season is from the 2nd Saturday in May to the 3rd Saturday in January.

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